Our tours


2 hour long high speed sightseeing trip from Ballstad to the magical church fjord located in Reine, on the way to reine we will visit some old fishing villages, beautiful fjords, drive along the magical mountains of the enchanting Lofoten island, and scout for the majestic Sea Eagle, Grey seals, and if we are lucky some whales.(Child friendly excursion)



Join us on this spectacular night ride, along the magical coast of Lofoten, hunting the midnightsun, we start the ride from ballstad late in the evening and go up through the strong nappcurrent to the "outside" of the islands to get the best view of the mighty midnightsun.


Join us for this exciting full speed searafting trip, this is a ride for the more playfull persons,We start the tour from Ballstad and from there we go full speed (aproximently 60 knots )around the archipelago of lofoten, and try to find BIG waves to

make the whole boat  fly.



Come join us on a Sea Eagle Safari, we start the tour from ballstad and go up the strong  nappcurrent to scout the mountain for the majestic Sea Eagle, we bring fish to feed the Eagles so you can get a really close up view of this migthy bird.(Child Friendly Excursion)

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